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A Bit About Our Partner - ShopAGOA

ShopAGOA is a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace for selling and buying African products. Made in Liberia has partnered with ShopAGOA to provide vendors with a cost-efficient way to market and sell their products and services.

The appetite for authentic African products has grown in the United States, largely due to a fast-growing African diaspora community. Yet finding those products has proven to be a challenge for many consumers and wholesalers. AGOA was created to help resolve that problem by affording over 40 sub-Saharan countries in Africa the opportunity to access the US market. However, many MSMEs, the largest producers of authentic African products, are finding it difficult to access the U.S. market. 

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How Does It Work?

The Benefits

What & Where?


What is Prohibited?

Expectations and Responsibilities


  •  Access to the US Market: Expand your customer base by becoming a vendor on ShopAGOA.com and selling directly to customers in the US. Don’t worry we will go global soon.

  • A unique opportunity for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The platform is built for MSMEs who may, or may not have market access

  • A cost-effective way of getting more exposure by promoting and marketing your products and showcasing your brand

  • You control your price, your brand, and your sales

  • All products are sold in the USA only – we will expand at a later time

  • African Products: Wholly or partial, our customers will be the judge

  • Vendors set up an account (a store on the eCommerce site - www.shopagao.com

  • Customer place orders:

    • Order is processed by ShopAGOA.com (invoiced and payment).

    • The order is emailed to the vendor

    • It is the responsibility of the vendor to ship the products directly to the customer at an agreeable time.

  • Vendors MUST sign up for Stripe to accept payments

  • Products that are prohibited from being sold on ShopAGOA.com include, but are not limited to:

    • Alcohol

    • Pharmaceutical

    • Edible products with less than a 60 days expiration date products

    • Products without APPROVED labeling and packaging

    • Offensive products (explicit, obscene, derogatory, etc.)

  •  Fair, trusting, and long-term collaboration and partnership

  • Some products may require Food Safety Requirements - U.S. Food and Drug Administrations (FDA) approval

  • Conform to social and environmental standards

  • Capability, Capacity, & Consistency: As part of our obligation to the consumers, sellers and suppliers/vendors are required to
    have the capacity to provide the agreed amount of products in the agreeable time

  • Guarantee of consistently high product quality. It’s from Africa, It’s that GOOD!

  • Yes, there is a fee for listing your products on our platform. We get paid when you get paid. There is a  commission fee of 5% of the sale for ShopAGOA. 

Treasures from Africa

Send us an email if you need more information:  hello@shopagoa.com