A guide to Liberia – West Africa's least explored state

Liberia, Africa’s oldest republic, has mountains to climb, cities to explore, broad sandy beaches to play on and national parks to search for some of the continent's most enigmatic wildlife. You can also surf,  swim and trek or just kick back in a hammock on the edge of the rainforest. Yet nobody you know has ever been here.

Welcome to one of Africa’s last frontiers. Founded as a homeland for freed American slaves, this surprising backwater is slowly being rehabilitated after years of internal strife, but so far only a handful of travellers have got the memo. With the doors opening to the outside world after years of troubles, now could be the perfect time to visit, if you don’t mind stepping off the map for some roll-up-your-sleeves adventure.

“Robertsport, Nana's Lodge, Libassa Ecolodge, Kpatawee, Sapo National Park, Nimba Mountain, and so much more.”

Where on earth is Liberia?

When the American Colonization Society picked out a homeland for freed American slaves in 1822, they chose a piece of West Africa that hadn't been seen by the outside world since European powers established (and abandoned) trading outposts in the 17th century. The story of life here before the foundation of Liberia is largely unwritten, but the new arrivals set about creating a home that was a little bit American, a little bit West African, and not really like anywhere else in the world.