Look Who's Appearing at the World Tourism Day Celebration: Made In Liberia Fair!!!

We are few days away from the World Tourism Day Celebration!!! And even super excited to see businesses in the Made in Liberia Fair. Join us on Saturday September 26, 2020 on the Grounds of the Paynesville City Hall. Below you will find the list of confirmed vendors/exhibitors/businesses.

#LiberianNationalTourismAssociation #LiberiachamberofCommerce, #MadeInLiberia #WTD2020Lib, #LINTA #LCC

276 Bar & Grill (Food)

Abundant Rain (Service)

Africabio Store (Apparel/Accessories)

African Arts and Craft (Arts/Crafts)

AHAMBA Klothin (Apparel/Accessories)

Alfreda Liberian Doll & Arts (Arts/Crafts)

B'Scentify Brands (Skin/Hair)

BD Production (Apparel/Accessories)

Bebe African Snacks (Food)

Bloh Kon Dahlor (Apparel/Accessories)

Ché (Apparel/Accessories)

Coleman Special (Beverage0

CONEX Petroleum Group (Service)

Contours Ltd (Service) (Service)

Courage kitchen (Food)

Creamy Crunchy Delight (Food)

Crown Me Chic (Apparel/Accessories)

Ct. Com Liberia Ltd. (Service/Media)

Eco-Fuel Liberia (Product/Charcoal)

Emily's Fashion & Design (Apparel/Accessories)

Enisul Fisheries (Food)

Fabrar Rice (Food)

FEBWE Liberia (Association)

FEED Organics (Food)

Forever Glamorous (Apparel/Accessories)

Fulbeh Fowu Textile (Apparel/Accessories)

Gbedze Hotel Beach Resort (Service/Resort)

Gifted Hands Enterprise (Food)

Green Wheels WMC (Service/Waste Management)

Harmony's Well Nest (Service)

Henries Farms (Skin/Hair)

J & A Delicacies (Food)

J Palm Liberia LTD (Skin/Hair)

Jack's Rum (Beverage)

Jalk Ent Inc (Arts/Craft)

John St. Paul Rum (Beverage)

Jola House (Apparel/Accessories)

Jore Divine Care (JODICA) (Apparel/Accessories)

June Ellen (Apparel/Accessories)

Kenue (Apparel/Accessories)

Kid's Education Engagement Project (KEEP) (Association)

Lappa Queen (Apparel/Accessories)

Le Mirage International (Apparel/Accessories)

Libassa Ecolodge (Service/Resort)

Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary (Service)

Liberia Business Incubator (Food)

Liberia Chamber of Commerce (Association)

Liberia Heritage tours (Service)

Liberia National Tourism Association (Association)

Liberian Professional Chef Association (Association)

Liberty Food (Food)

Lonestar MTN (Service)

Lunch Box (Food)

Ma Ju's & The Burger Spot (Food)

MadeInLiberia.Shop (Service)

Magali (Flowers)


Mako's Fruits (Beverage)

Mamajet Spices (Food)

Menekemu (Apparel/Accessories)

Monica Fashion (Apparel/Accessories)


Monrovia Reads (Books)

Munch Foods (Food)

Munch Foods Inc. (Food)

Myeonway Designs (Apparel/Accessories)

Nana Lodge (Service/Resort)

National Association of Liberian Business Women & Entrepreneurs NALBWE (Association)

National Aviation Students Association Liberia, Inc. (NASAL) (Service)

Naz Naturals (Skin/Hair)

Orange Liberia

Pape Natural Food (Food)

Pathway Marketing Inc. (Service/Media)

Payless Cloth Pad (Apparel/Accessories

Perfect Care (Skin/Hair)

Persistent Care Manufacturing Company (Skin/Hair)

Phoenix Services Incorporated (Food)

Pleebo Girl (Apparel/Accessories)

Precious Dennis (Food)

Pregnant Care Charities INT (Service)

PROTECH INC (products/tech)

Quidiyou Inc (Food)

REAP (Restoration of Educational Advancement Program Liberia) (Flowers)

Redimere (Food)

Renaissance Art Studio (Arts)

Res Organics (Skin/Hair)

Sarah Kollie (Apparel/Accessories)

SATEC LIBERIA (Service/Media)

Serenity by Bamu/TESAP (Skin/Hair)

Shark’s (Food)

Smashin’ On Wheels (Service)

Snack Shop (Food)

Sparka Tour & Guide Services (Service)

T.Sar Business Center (Service)

Tabi's Natural (Beverage)

The African Market Place (palm oil, etc.) (Food)

The Big Mouth Pastry Studio (Food)

The Flower Pot (Flowers/Gardening)

The Kreative Zone (Service)

The Munchies (Food)

The Word (Apparel/Accessories)

TIPMe (Service)

Uhai Haircare (Skin/Hair)

United Carvers Association of Liberia (Arts/Crafts)

Upbeat Stitching (Apparel/Accessories)

Victoria Foods International (Food)

Villeafric (Apparel/Accessories)

Weeglo (Website/Mobile Apps, eLearning (Service)

Wild Chimpanzee Foundation (Service)

Women Arts Gallery (Arts)

Women on Boards Network Liberia (WOBNL) (Association)

Wulki Farms (Food)

Wungko's Chip (Food/Chips)

ZoQweh Natural Juices (Beverage)