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FSX OPKC KARACHI - Jinnah Intenational.epub [2022]




Watch the tutorial here: Trackback URL for this entry: leptin and ghrelin concentrations during normal pregnancy and in preeclampsia. The aim of this study was to evaluate the role of leptin and ghrelin in the pathophysiology of preeclampsia. Leptin and ghrelin concentrations were measured in the peripheral blood of healthy pregnant (n = 30), normotensive nonpregnant women (n = 10) and preeclamptic women (n = 30). Serum leptin concentrations in the normotensive pregnant women were significantly lower than those in the nonpregnant controls. Leptin levels did not differ in women with preeclampsia and in normotensive controls. Serum ghrelin concentrations in preeclamptic women were significantly higher than in normotensive pregnant and nonpregnant women. Ghrelin levels correlated with body mass index, placental weight and serum leptin levels. These results suggest that leptin is a pregnancy hormone. Although leptin might be involved in the pathophysiology of preeclampsia, ghrelin might be a mediator for the development of this disease.International information system of health technologies (I-I.T.I.): the domain of health technologies in the context of the multidisciplinary perspective. The International Health Technology Information system (I-I.T.I.) is a database of bibliographic and qualitative information on health technologies used or to be used in any part of the world. The aim is to promote the participation of those involved in the production and use of health technologies in designing and strengthening the International Health Technology Information (I.H.T.I.) system, as well as to encourage research on the social and economic aspects of health technologies. The I.H.T.I. database is coordinated from the French National Health Technology Assessment Centre. The I.H.T.I. database and the I.T.I. system have been developed since the beginning of the nineties. More than 1,300 health technologies are included in the database, classified in more than 1,200 categories. The I-I.T.I. system is available on the World Wide Web and is updated daily. The concept of I-I.T.I. can be transposed to other fields, such as



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FSX OPKC KARACHI - Jinnah Intenational.epub [2022]

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